Tap Genius Reading System

The Latest Islamic Interactive Learning Experience- Tap GeniusTM

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*Includes 1 Year Warranty

*Tap Genius is rechargable and does not require any batteries.

Tap Genius works on a universal concept whereby 1 reading system will be able to read from a selection of over 200 Islamic titles of popular Islamic publishers worldwide.

Because we believe, you only need ONE to read ALL.


How does Tap Genius work?

Simply use Tap Genius on a book to sound out words and sentences. Hear sound effects on characters in the book and learn through finding answers in the books.

Tap Genius Reading System will bring an enriching experience for children 4 and above to read and learn about Islam through books that sounds.

Audio Activate your books, your posters and flashcards.


What can we learn by using Tap Genius?

1) Language skills with easy reference to a second language. Especially Arabic Recitation of a dua or Quran.

2) Comprehension skills after reading a book. Q&A activities prompts users to refect on the reading session.

3) Pick up Storytelling skills with intonations and dramatic appeals. Learn new vocabulary, a poem or two!

4) Encourage reading with printed materials for children. Make books our best friends.

5) Recording functions allow users to self refer or as a tool for parents to pass on a knowledge!...and lots more!


Focused specially on Islamic-themed publication, we hope Tap Genius brings all the goodness in your child's education.

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