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    My First Wudu Book

    Publisher: Shade 7 Publishing Author: Hajera Memon 12 pages Suitable for ages 0 – 4 years. (Although adults will love playing with it too!)

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    Love in Ramadan

    It's the month of love, caring and giving. How does this loving family spend their time in this beloved month? This is a beautiful book about a family's favourite Ramadan moments. beautifully illustrated and written by beloved children's author from the United Arab Emirates, Maitha Al Khayat.

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    The Story of The Elephant, Surah Al-Feel – Quranic Pop-up & Play Book

    Instilling a Love for the Quran in the Next Generation This Pop-up & Play Book aims to truly inspire and excite young hearts to engage with the magnificent event of Abraha’s army of elephants going to destroy the Ka’ba. In 570 A.D. Yemen, the tyrant ruler Abraha leads his army of elephants to destroy God’s House, the Ka’ba in the Holy city of Mecca. Armed with only prayers, the leader of the Arabs relies on his faith and trust in God to save the Ka’ba and discovers some unexpected miracles along the way! Beautiful, colourful, hand-drawn illustrations that attracts children’s attention Interactive pop-ups, lift-the-flaps and pull tabs to engage learning in a fun way High quality sturdy pop-ups with hard back high quality gloss finished pages In-built games with a children’s colouring map & press-out elephant activity cards Includes a fun quiz that encourage children to ask questions, learn and understand Surah Al-Feel Suitable for ages 3 – 12. (Although adults will love reading and learning from it too!)

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