Sustainable Islamic Lifestyle Products

Counting down to our first product launch. Do your part to reduce the total carbon footprint of 1.8 billion Muslims. Make the right choice today, for a greener world tomorrow. 

Aligned with The Singapore Green Plan 2030

Manufacturing processes of our products reduce waste at the production stage, including packaging right up till the end of product lifetimes where it will be recycled into new products.


*Backed by 3R Fund

How do we know we are making a positive impact on the environment? To be eligible for this co-funding scheme by the National Environment Agency (NEA) requires us to meet strict qualifying criteria.
*Pending application

Closing The Loop

Items like The Holy Quran, books and home decor with Islamic calligraphy contain holy verses that must be treated with respect even when we dispose them. We collect items like these and recycle them to manufacture new products.

Premium Quality

We had enough of purchasing B grade products that don’t last long and ending up as clutter. We think you do too and deserve much better.

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The World’s First

Here is your one stop platform to look for any Islamic lifestyle product, from prayer mats to apparels, scarves and home decor without impacting our environment.

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Arrange Pickup

Take advantage of our doorstep collection service when you want to dispose anything Islamic related, we’ll have it sorted for you and donate those which are still in good condition.


Muslims In the World


Tonnes of Waste Saved

Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

We are seeking green growth opportunities to create new jobs, transform our industries, and harness sustainability as a competitive advantage.
Find out what else we will do to transform Singapore into a greener and more sustainable city:
#SGGreenPlan #GreenEconomy

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Sustainable Development and Islamic Ethical Tasks for Business-Organisations

To what level should business bodies should join in the sustainable development activities? Based on the existing literature, this study assimilates conventional as well as Islamic points about environment and sustainable development and contends that whatever explanation of sustainable development one may subscribe, ultimately, each should culminate in environmental concern.

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[Green Fashion] Ecofriendly Islamic Fashion Brands

When talking sustainability in fashion we have always maintained that it’s no alternative genre or sub-culture or a trend. It’s simply the way to operate, produce, retail & consume. Similarly when talking ethical issues like body size and representation, the pressure on fashion brands has led to increasing inclusion. So just as fashion needs to represent everyone who consumes it, we feel everyone who consumes fashion must think green.

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Key Highlights of the 2020 Waste and Recycling Statistics

Households disposed of more packaging waste, as online shopping and home-delivered food gained market share during Circuit Breaker. However, recyclables collections from the domestic sector were put on hold at the peak of the pandemic in 2020 and only restarted gradually from 3Q 2020. As the impact of COVID-19 gradually eases, the waste generation and recycling patterns of 2020 are unlikely to be repeated in 2021.

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Photo by Kadir Celep on Unsplash